Auto Body Technician


As long as cars are on the road, there will be a need for expert technicians to fix them. Ernst Auto Group’s Collision Center has been serving the area for decades. This rewarding career has a national shortage of technicians creating a great opportunity.  

Ernst Auto Group Auto Body Technician

The job in a nutshell…..

From painting to repairing vehicles, Auto Body Technicians never have a shortage of work. Auto Body Technicians need to be well-trained, precise, and able to work on a deadline. Ernst Auto Group provides customer, factory warranty, and internal work to our body shop. With the supportive staff at Ernst Auto Group, you are sure to have a rewarding career.  

There will be no shortage of training…

Training is paid for by Ernst Auto Group. There is classroom, on-the-job, and virtual training. Training comes from General Motors, Toyota, and our paint supply partner.  

The career path is as big as you want…

While employed as a maintenance technician, you will work alongside some of the best technicians in the industry. Working as a technician has many fulfilling career path choices. You may decide to work towards becoming a GM Certified and/or Toyota Certified Technician. ASE training is also available. Wherever the path lead you,  you will enjoy the rewarding journey.

Great work means great pay…

Ernst Auto Group has a clear, rewarding compensation plan for technicians. You need not worry about pay, as everything is black and white and corresponds to your skill level and/or equivalency of training.